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420,000 Scam E-Mails Sent To Britons Each Hour

A recent study conducted by life assistance company CPP has revealed that Britons are targeted with more than 420,000 scam emails every hour.

The study reports that the rise of online baking and credit card frauds have led to £285 being stolen from someone every seven seconds.

CPP informs that out of the 3.7 billion scam emails sent to Britons in the last 12 months, more than half were from perpetrators impersonating a known bank or financial services agency.

Online baking frauds rose by 132 per cent over the last year.

Almost 46 per cent of the people interviewed for study fear that their credit card details can be used to make illegal online purchases.

CPP also reported that credit card and banking fraudsters were making good use of social networking platforms like Facebook - nearly one-fifth of the people interviewed claimed to have fake messages on the platform.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the identity fraud expert at CPP, Nicole Sanders, said (opens in new tab): “It seems that not a day goes by without a new case of online fraud hitting the headlines. But what's concerning is that consumers are still falling victim.”