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Adobe Sidelines 64-bit Flash Player

Adobe has decided not to go through with the launch of its 64-bit Flash Player beta.

Tech blog Ars Technica reports that the company released a trial version of a 64-bit Flash Player in 2008, as a part of an Adobe Labs project.

The company had promised to come up with a full 64-bit version for operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows. Two years later, users are still waiting for a fully supported version of the 64-bit Flash Player.

Adobe has now pulled the 64-bit plugin from its website, citing the need for major "architectural changes" to the application as the reason.

Adobe has assured people that the project has not been discarded, and that the company is committed to providing support for Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

The company also promised to keep customers updated about any work being carried out on the 64-bit plugin.

No time frame has been given for the launch of the product.