App developers get free London travel data

Transport for London yesterday opened up data on London's Tube, bus and river services for free to application developers, enabling them to create new mobile apps for the iPhone and other devices.

The transport body said in a statement that mobile developers would be able to use the data for commercial gain, without needing to gain permission from TfL.

Chris MacLeod, TfL's director of group marketing, said: "We want to harness the innovative ideas in the developer community to provide improved information which will benefit all transport users.

"Therefore it is vital that Transport for London provides transparent information to the public and allows developers to use data to create smart-technology solutions.

"TfL accepts the developers need to recover their costs and derive a return from their time in creating new applications.

"This move will ensure that developers will be able to produce products independently and provide customers with a wide range of up-to-date applications and services."

A new developer area at the Greater London Authority's London Datastore offers information regarding planned engineering works, the location of Docklands Light Railway, Tube and London Overground stations, as well as piers on the River Thames and Oyster Card top-up locations.

Certain items, such as tube maps, will still be subject to licensing restrictions.