Apple iPhone 4 sells out in a day

The first UK-bound consignment of Apple's iPhone 4 has sold out in 24 hours leaving late-comers to wait until July for delivery.

Apple would not comment on how many handsets had been pre-ordered for delivery or in-store pick-up on June 25th, but the UK Apple Store has now pushed back expected delivery dates to July 2nd. Oh the horror! That's a whole eight days!

Demand was so high for the latest Apple smartphone that the company's servers went down all over the world several times yesterday, causing frustration for many potential purchasers.

But the biggest disaster was with AT&T's US servers which were under so much pressure that they broke, possibly spewing private customer information to all and sundry.

Apple could be the only company on the planet that can generate this kind of hysteria in grown adults. Sensible people will just give it a couple of weeks for all the fuss to die down, then wander into a High Street mobile shop and pick one up.