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Ebayer Flogs "Sold Out" Apple iPhone 4 For £995

Auction site Ebay has always been the place to find out hard to buy products and the Apple iPhone 4, like the iPad, is no exception and the proof that demand is outstripping supply can be experienced first hand on the site.

There are literally dozens of iPhone 4 smartphones currently available on Ebay UK at the time of writing with more than one hundred available with buy it now prices varying from £600 to £1100 with the majority shipped from the UK.

And just because the iPhone 4 is not out yet doesn't mean that you can't actually buy it and some clever chaps have managed to do very well. There's one who sold a four unlocked iPhone 4 32GB Black model for just slightly less than £4000, a mark-up of more than 70 percent, given that their selling price is £599.99 each.

He even boosted of selling 10 iPhone 3GS when it was first launched and the fact that Apple allows only a pair of iPhones to be sold per customer - because of demand and a booming grey market - shows that the guy seems to be very well connected. Shame that he lives in Italy though.

But even the new 32GB iPhone 4 doesn't have to be that expensive. Another guy, whose registered as a Business seller on Ebay and is located in London, sells the white model of the iPhone for £657 including delivery which is only a tad more expensive than the Apple model.

Désiré Athow

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