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Enermax fans trip the light fantastic

Enermax has provided further proof that there are still plenty of geeks who feel uncontrollably drawn to flashing light shows. The company has just launched its aptly-named range of Apollish Vegas fans, which feature no fewer than 18 LEDs.

The fans feature a patented circular LED light that sits in the frame, projecting the light from its 18 diodes onto the fan. This is coupled to an integrated circuit, which effectively turns the fan into a customisable light system.

There are seven different light effects for you to choose from, including double and triple propeller patterns, as well as simple flashing effects. Enermax also claims that the LED system enables the fans to shine four times brighter than your average LED case fan.

The fans are available in sizes of both 120mm and 140mm, and both sizes are available in either blue or red colour schemes. However, the 120mm fan is also available in green and silver.

Along with the glowing fan, the Apollish Vegas box also includes four rubber mounts to cut down vibrations, as well as a remote control unit. As well as enabling you to adjust the voltage applied to the fan, and thus the rotation speed, the control unit also features a switch to scroll through the various LED modes. This comes with a strip of adhesive tape so that you can stick it on your case for easy access.

Depending on your cooling requirements, you can spin the 120mm fans between 800 and 2,000rpm, and the 140mm fans between 700 and 1,500rpm. In addition to the anti-vibration mounts and fan controller, Enermax also claims that its own Twister Bearing Technology (opens in new tab) will help to keep the fan's operation smooth and quiet.

Finally, Enermax has also fitted the Apollish Vegas with detachable blades, making them much easier to clean when they inevitably get clogged up with dust.

Enermax has been showing off the Apollish Vegas at various tradeshows over the last few months, but both the 120mm and 140mm fans have now been officially launched in Europe. No UK pricing has been announced yet, but Enermax says that the 120mm fans will retail for around €23.90 inc VAT (£19.85). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.