London Transport Data Offered to Mobile App Developers

Transport for London yesterday released data on London's Tube, bus and river services, encouraging developers to use the information to create new applications for the iPhone, Ipad and other devices.

The organisation said that mobile developers would be able to use the data for commercial gain, without needing to gain permission from TfL.

Chris MacLeod, TfL's Director of Group Marketing, said: “We want to harness the innovative ideas in the developer community to provide improved information which will benefit all transport users.”

MacLeod added that the data was released in order to make all transport-related information visible to commuters, and to allow developers to come up with advanced mobile applications that provide specialised transport solutions to the people of London.

TfL said that the London Datastore will offer developers information regarding planned weekend Tube works, locations of Docklands Light Railway, Tube and London Overground stations, pier locations on the River Thames, and Oyster Card top-up locations.