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Mobile Phone Researcher Warns of 'Brain Tumour Pandemic'

A researcher studying the health effects of mobile phone use has warned of a "brain tumour pandemic".

The warning came after a team of researchers re-evaluated data from the £15 million, decade-long

Interphone study.

Alleging flaws in the original analysis, the new study warns that the risk of developing brain cancer as a result of extended mobile phone use was 25 per cent greater than previously thought.

Presenting the group's findings at the Annual Bioelectromagnetics Society meeting in Seoul, South Korea, Lloyd Morgan, electronic engineer and Senior Research Fellow at the US Environmental Health Trust, said: "What we have discovered indicates there is going to be one hell of a brain tumour pandemic unless people are warned and encouraged to change current cell phone use behaviours."

Morgan went on to say: “Governments should not soft-peddle this critical public health issue but instead rapidly educate citizens on the risks. People should hear the message clearly that cell phones should be kept away from one’s head and body at all times.”