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News@5: Apple and AT&T Buckle, PSN Plus and Valve At E3 & The iPad And iPhone Can't Share

Apple and AT&T's e-commerce support systems have buckled under the strain of iPhone 4 pre-orders the companies have received. So many requests were received after pre-registration began that both companies support web sites were brought down.

Sony yesterday unveiled an updated version of the PlayStationNetwork at the E3 gaming conference. PSN Plus, will offer its customers an exclusive range of gaming content along with access to free web services and multimedia features.

Valve, the US-based games developer, has announced that Portal 2, the long-awaited sequel to the blockbuster game Portal, will coming to the PlayStation 3, along with its online gaming platform, Steam.

Transport for London yesterday released data on London's Tube, bus and river services, encouraging developers to use the information to create new applications for the iPhone, Ipad and other devices.

Apple has confirmed that the iPad and iPhone micro-SIM cards are not interchangeable. When asked by owners of the devices if the micro-SIMs would be interchangeable, the company replied with a simple "No," before stating: "Your iPad micro-SIM card will not work with your iPhone."