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One in Four Times Readers Would Pay for Online News

A poll has revealed that nearly a quarter of Times Online readers in the UK would be willing to pay to view content on the website.

The poll, conducted by research firm Harris Interactive on behalf of media news website paidContent UK, revealed that 23 per cent of Times Online rated themselves "likely" to pay for news content, reports The Guardian.

According to the report, that figures includes four per cent of online readers who rated themselves "extremely likely". Another four per cent declared themselves "fairly likely" to pay for the newspaper's online content.

However, a massive 76 per cent rejected the pay-to-read model altogether.

The poll also revealed that 85 per cent of women were unwilling to pay for online news, compared to 69 per cent of men.

The Times Group is on the verge of implementing a pay-to-read model for online versions of its publications, as it believes the availability of free news on the internet is hampering its newspaper sales.