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Opera Releases 10.60 Browser Beta

Opera Software has released a new beta version of its popular Opera web browser.

Opera 10.60 beta 1, released for Windows, Mac and Linux-based platforms, will offer better HTML 5 features and will be 50 per cent faster than the previous version.

Opera revealed (opens in new tab) that the new beta comes with an enhanced JavaScript engine, which offers 75 per cent greater speed than Opera 10.50, a wide-screen Speed Dial, and improved tab previews.

The Linux version of the beta browser will come with private tab browsing, as well as improved KDE and Gnome skinning to enhance the browsing experience for Linux users.

Opera 10.60 will also come loaded with location-sharing features, allowing websites to provide content based on the users' location.

The company reported that the browser came with tuned WebM support, specially designed to deliver high-quality HTML 5 video over the internet.