Orange offers unlimited data on iPhone 4

Orange is the last big UK mobile operator to show its hand when it comes to mobile data plans for the iPhone 4 and it looks like coming last has its benefits.

Monthly plans are in line with costs on O2 and Vodafone's offering, with a 32GB handset costing £269 on a £35 a month two-year contract which includes 600 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited data.

Orange says that the 'unlimited data' part of the deal is covered by a 750MB 'fair useage policy' but we suspect that the policy will only be brought into play for repeated and unremitting bandwidth hogs.

Other UK operators will charge you every time you exceed your download limit, which varies depending on contract and company.

Orange is also the only company so far to offer tethering as part of its contracts, with packages starting from £5 per month.

The cheapest tariff is pegged at £30 a month for a two-year deal on the iPhone 4 16GB version, which will cost you £169. This offers 150 minutes and 250 texts.

If you want a free 16GB iPhone 4 you'll have to sign up for a £75 a month two-year contract. If you want a free 32GB handset, you'll have to look elsewhere.