Orange Unveils Tariffs For Apple iPhone 4

France-Telecom owned Orange has published the price plan for the new iPhone 4 smartphone and it seems as if the mobile phone operator chose to continuing adopting the word "unlimited" to describe its data plans despite a monthly 750MB data cap for Wi-Fi and 3G respectively.

The plan listing, which can be found here, shows that you should spend at least £75 per month to get it for free on a 24 month contract which represents a rather sizeable investment of £1800 over two years for the 16GB model. The 32GB version costs only a one-off £29 extra.

Like for the previous iPhone, the top end £75 contract includes unlimited minutes and texts as well as 20MB European Roaming mobile internet browsing and 100 European mobile internet browsing. Interestingly you also get 3GB worth of tethering data transfer.

The cheapest contract that allows you to grab an iPhone is the £35, 18-months contract which carries a total cost of ownership of £859 and comes with 600 minutes and 500 texts.

Orange also provides with a PAYG package across its five different animal segments (Monkey, Dolphin, Canary, Racoon, Camel) with prices starting at £480 for the 16GB iPhone, reaching £570 for the 32GB model. All PAYG Orange iPhone come with 250MB mobile internet browsing a month and unlimited WiFi.

There's also an interesting business tariff which includes a special plan costing £95 per month exc VAT, called Business Infinity which, as its name implies, gives you unlimited everything except that datawise, there's loads of "fair usage policy restrictions".