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Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Smartphone To Cost £400 Only?

The Samsung i8520 Galaxy Beam smartphone could go on sale for as little as £400 and interested customers can already preorder it from KingofGadgets for this price and get it shipped for free when the first batch is shipped on the 5th of July.

The online retailer, which has a significant presence both on Amazon and Ebay, has also confirmed that the phone will be unlocked. The item's description provides us with more details about the Galaxy Beam itself.

It comes with a 800MHz processor and the projector can display a 800x480 pixels picture which matches the screen resolution of the device.

It is therefore likely that you will be able to have two screens displaying the same content at the same time. The Beam will come with built-in speakers that are loud enough for you to watch movies with a clear sound, according to the description.

With 384MB internal RAM, the i8520 will come with a talk time of seven hours and a standby time of 22 hours.

The fact that it is the first smartphone to come with a projector makes it unique but we expect at least one other manufacturer to launch a smartphone/projector combo over the next weeks.