Twitter Declares June Its Worst Month Ever

Twitter has declared June the worst month in the company's history, as programming errors and the introduction of new features have resulted in recent string of outages and technical glitches.

Amid critical functional updates and overwhelming traffic, the website has failed to maintain its stability, resulting in outages and technical glitches that have lasted hours at a time.

Micro-bloggers has been left unable to tweet their every thought to followers, thanks to a series of problems.

Twitter confirmed in a blog post that the problems were related to the updates that the company has been adding, including a new location-based tagging feature. A summary of Twitter's downtime can be found here.

The company said: “As we go through this process, we have uncovered unexpected deeper issues and have even caused inadvertent downtime as a result of our attempts to make changes.”

Twitter has appealed to users to be patient and promises that, once the company has finished applying changes, the platform will more stable, secure and reliable than ever.