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Watchdog Bans 'Vodafone Guarantees Signal' Ad

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has barred Vodafone from using a poster advertisement claiming that "Only Vodafone can guarantee mobile signal in your home".

The Guardian (opens in new tab) reports that the poster advertising Vodafone's Sure Signal femtocell device, which utilises broadband connections in houses to enhance mobile coverage in 3G "notspots", attracted complaints from other network providers, as well as customers.

According to the ASA, the Vodafone advert misled customers by claiming to guarantee signal, even though it did not control the broadband network.

The advert also failed to state that users needed a 3G handset to use the service.

The ASA ruling stated: "Vodafone did not control the availability and performance of the broadband connection, the claim to 'guarantee' a signal was unsubstantiated and likely to mislead."

ASA also said that the advert misleadingly implied Vodafone's superiority in the telecommunications market, as it neither referred to nor explicitly promoted the Sure Signal service.