Bloke leaves suicide note on Twitter

A South Korean bloke left a suicide note on Twitter before wandering off to hang himself from a ferry dock on the Han river in Seoul.

Police said it was the first time that Twitter had been used in such a way in Korea, as far as they could tell.

A passer-by found the body of Lee Kye-Hwa (27) hanging from the dock of the bay early on Tuesday. Family and friends had been looking for the former disc jockey since Sunday after he posted his final missive in Korean.

"I'm going to commit suicide. To all of you, even those who shared the slightest friendship with me, I love you," he wrote. Had he written in English he'd still have had 30 characters to spare.

"Investigators concluded he had committed suicide," a spokesperson for Seoul's Mapo police station told AFP

The Korea Times said Lee had also left notes for his family and friends, in which he complained of financial troubles.

It said some of his Twitter followers had tried in vain to trace his whereabouts after reading the suicide message.

Lee’s twittering was mostly "filled with happy messages" according to the paper. But, two days before he left his final tweet, things took a darker turn: "The depression has become massive for me." he wrote.

His account appears to have been removed from the site.