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Britain's Cyber Cops Lose £1m Funding

The UK's Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU) will not be getting its proposed £1 million boost this year to fight cyber crime.

According to a PCeU spokesperson, the cutback will hamper the unit's ability to tackle the increase in online crime.

“Funding will remain at the same level as for 2009/10. Metropolitan Police Service funding will remain at £1.3 million per year as originally committed, and a further £800,000 has been realigned towards targeting the e-crime threat.” Said the Metropolitan Police in a statement.

“Without this additional funding the growth of our capability will be restricted. However, we remain committed to our existing work in this area at current funding levels.”

Figures show that the UK internet users are being sent near about 420,000 scam emails an hour by cyber criminals and that one in four consumers have fallen prey to credit card and banking fraud.

Even so, many victim support groups believe that the lack of a funding increase will not greatly affect victims of e-crime.

Jennifer Perry, managing director of e-victims said: "It won't affect consumers very much because the threshold for [PCeU] to get involved is so high they never really investigate individual cases anyway.”