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Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 is First Twitter Promoted Tweet

Twitter has rolled out its 'Promoted Trends' advertising service, featuring Disney Pixar’s Toy Story 3 as its first promoted trending topic.

Tech Crunch (opens in new tab) reports that when visiting the Trending Topics section on, users will see Toy Story 3 as the eleventh topic added to the list. The yellow coloured box indicates that the Trend is being 'Promoted'.

In a similar way to Promoted Tweets, clicking on the Toy Story 3 Promoted Trends Topics will take the user to a search results page showing discussions related to the topic.

A spokesperson for Twitter told Tech Crunch: “As we have always said, we plan to test different advertising and promotional models in these early stages of our monetization efforts for both user and brand value.”

The micro-blogging giant says a Disney Pixar Promoted Tweet will also displayed at the top of the stream, along with the Promoted Trend topic.