Dutch thug database aims to make football safer

Dutch police are teaming up with a database management outfit to create an open source football hooligan tracking system.

Holland's Centraal Informatiepunt Voetbalvandalisme (CIV) is working with Californian company Ingres Corporation to develop software which will make attending football matches throughout Europe a safer experience for proper fans.

The system collates incidents of violence related to matches and is intended to predict and prevent future outbursts.

"For the Euro 2000 Football tournament in the Netherlands we were looking for a way to register football hooligans to proactively defend against violence," said Anton Kunenborg, IT Analyst at CIV. "Particularly, we looked to record, register, and process images of hooligans for future reference."

Written in the Ingres OpenROAD development environment, which automates the data-modelling and application-generation process based upon user specifications, Ingres reckons its Hooligan Tracking System has become "a mission-critical tool for not only the Dutch authorities, but also the wider European community to fight hooliganism and make football safer for all those that wish to attend games."