Facebook Users Can Now 'Like' All Comments

Facebook users can now 'Like' individual comments, the social networking site announced on its blog.

Facebook users have been able to post comments on news feeds since 2008, and the site introduced its 'Like' feature in 2009. But until today, Facebook users could only 'Like' status updates, pictures and news feeds.

Since its launch, the 'Like' button has become one of the most-used features on Facebook.

To improve communication on the platform, Facebook has offered users the option of clicking a 'Like' button beneath each individual comment, enabling users to show appreciation for almost all types of content published on Facebook.

As the feature is being rolled out gradually, some users may not see the 'Like' button right away.

'Liking' a comment will send a notification on the commenter's profile. 'Likes' will also be available for others to see, subject to users' privacy settings.