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Google Earth For iPad Puts The World At Your Fingertips

Search giant Google has released an iPad version of its popular Google Earth application, following the launch of Google Earth 5.2.

The company wrote on its Lat Long Blog that Google Earth for iPad offers an advanced user experience, allowing users to virtually explore the earth and share their findings with friends.

The newly launched Google Earth for iPad is optimised for the device and provides a user interface that takes advantage of the tablet's multi-touch capabilities.

Google says that iPad users have already been able to access Google Earth in the form of an app originally designed for iPhone users. The iPad-specific application is a scaled-up version that incorporates a number of improvements aimed at users of the tablet.

The company explained that, like its iPhone counterpart, the application allows users to navigate globe using their fingertips.

Users can move the globe using one finger. Two digits are required to change the application's viewpoint.

In order to zoom in, users need to tap twice using a single finger, with a two-fingered double-tap required to zoom out.