IBM Unveils Smartphone Strategy

IBM has unveiled its plans to expand further into the mobile computing software market.

As part of its plans, IBM announced the release of the Lotus Notes Traveller collaboration software for Android-based mobile devices, adding to the Lotus Notes versions for RIM, Symbian and iPhone OS based devices.

The company also opened a new research and development facility in Littleton, Massachusetts, set to be focused towards developing mobile phone software.

The company said that it was not planning to enter the smartphone market itself, but will continue developing software for collaboration, service management, business integration, information management and data analysis in the mobile communications market.

Steve Mills, senior vice president and head of IBM’s Software Group, said: “There’s no IBM brand name out there on any mobile devices, nor do we intend to put the IBM brand name onto any mobile devices.”

IBM also introduced the Intelligent Site Operations software suite, designed to allow communication services providers to manage customer relation services and troubleshoot problems.