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Limewire's days are numbered

A group of eight music companies is suing the file-sharing outfit Limewire after a court ruled it had broken copyright laws last month.

The eight companies, which include EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner, have been circling the twitching corpse of the P2P outfit for months now waiting to close in for the kill.

The music publishers will will seek $150,000 per track downloaded in damages which could amount to billions (some have set the figure as high as $1.5 trillion) and will almost certainly bankrupt anyone involved in Limewire.

The company says it will carry on as normal and try to find a way to operate within the law, but we suspect the music industry Mafiaa intends to totally eradicate the outfit which has taunted its outdated business models for so many years.

So long and thanks for all the tunes.