Mameo Launches Cloud-based Doc Sharing with Google GDrive

Mameo has launched a new version of its Mameo Connect platform.

The Mameo 2.0 beta is equipped with features and functions that will make Google Docs more user-friendly, and allow advanced synchronisation options between Google Docs and the desktop.

The company has launched the Google GDrive, which will appear as an additional drive on users' systems.

Mameo users will be able to save files to the drive just like any physical drive, the only difference being that files stored on the drive will be synchronised directly with the cloud, making them instantly accessible from any location.

Mameo says that changes made to the files will be automatically updated online, so online versions are up to date when users wish to access them.

Even though there are many products in the market that provide syncing options between the cloud and the desktop, Mameo believes that its Connect 2.0 has an edge thanks to its partnership with Google and its seamless syncing options with Google Docs.