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Microsoft Says 3D Games Too Expensive

Microsoft says it has no plans to pursue 3D gaming because it's just too expensive.

Speaking at the E3 conference earlier this week, the company it planned to take gaing in a different direction.

Neil Thompson, Microsoft’s UK boss, said that Microsoft is currently concentrating on Kinect, a controller-free gaming device for the Xbox360 console.

Thompson claimed that the prospect of bringing advanced motion-sensing gaming to the users' living room is a far more interesting and lucrative option than delving into the 3D gaming market.

Referring to the prices of recently launched 3D TVs and laptops, Thompson said that the hardware was too expensive for the average consumer to purchase.

Despite Microsoft’s decision to avoid 3D products, the recent E3 summit had rivals Sony and Nintendo revealing plans to introduce 3D gaming into their flagship consoles.

Sony announced its high-definition PS3 stereoscopic 3D gaming prototype, while and Nintendo revealed its 3D handheld device, the 3DS.