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Oracle Announces IDE 6.9 Java Development Tools

Software maker Oracle has announced the release of NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) version 6.9 with JavaFX Composer, a visual Java editor and layout tool.

IDE 6.9 is a platform framework for Java applications, developed by the Oracle-supported NetBeans development team.

The NetBeans IDE 6.9 includes a number of new features that allow users to easily create desktop enterprise applications and mobile applications on Java platforms.

The JavaFX Composer is set to be a quick and easy tool for building and editing various data sources, such as web services and other databases. It will also help in debugging Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

IDE 6.9 also includes improved Java language editing with new features such as hints and tips.

NetBeans has also incorporated and improved JavaFX script with CSS code completion and renaming capabilities for HTML.

Ted Farrell, chief architect and senior vice president, Tools and Middleware, Oracle had stated (opens in new tab): "This is the first NetBeans release under Oracle's stewardship, and we have continued to focus on the visual tooling capabilities within the IDE.”