Pre-orders For SIM Free iPhone 4 Pushed To July 2nd

Apple has pushed the release date for the SIM Free version of the iPhone to the 2nd of July for those customers who have purchased either versions of the iPhone since yesterday in the UK and in France.

These are the only two countries where the iPhone will be available unlocked from day one with Apple Canada expected to launch the device in July.

Partnering mobile phone networks like O2 and Vodafone maintain that they will be launching the iPhone 4 on the 24th of June. As for the 8GB iPhone 3GS, it does not appear to be suffering from a lack of stock.

It means three things; firstly, it appears that demand for the 3GS is not high and secondly, Apple may well be voluntarily constraining supply of SIM free iPhone 4, preferring to give as much stock as possible to mobile phone operators instead. Thirdly, it means that Apple might have sorely underestimated the demand for the new iPhone.

One reader reported how he ordered the iPhone 4 on the 15th of June but was given an estimated shipping date of 16th of July with delivery window extended up to the 20th of July.

The news comes as Apple has issued a statement yesterday saying that it apologised to everyone who encountered difficulties and hoped that customers who were frustrated by their initial attempts to buy the iPhone in the first few hours of the pre-orders would come back.