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Social Browser Flock Gets New Google Chromium Core

Social web browser Flock has decided to ditch its Firefox core in favour of Chromium (opens in new tab), the open source version of Google's Chrome web browser.

The company announced the change on its blog (opens in new tab), as it unveiled the Flock 3.0 beta yesterday.

Flock (opens in new tab) was first released as Flock 1.0 in 2007, and has had close professional ties with Firefox - all versions released so far have used Firefox tools for internet publishing, online search and sharing, as well as for communicating with friends on social networks.

The new Flock, which is the first non-Google browser to use Chromium, comes with faster JavaScript and integrates with Google’s search engine.

The new Flock also provides support to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, the media sharing website’s, Google’s YouTube and Flickr and RSS Feeds.

Flock CEO Shawn Hardin said: “The new Flock is designed to naturally complement the value we place in relationships and puts you at the center of your friends and their conversations while you browse the Web. Conventional browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari aren’t built to bring together the conversations and content that matter to each user. Flock is the only browser with the best of the social Web built-in.”