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AT&T Hacker Detained After FBI Raid

The FBI has arrested one of the Goatse Security members, involved in exposing the flaws in AT&T's iPad customer database, for possesion of drugs.

Andrew Auernheimer, also known as Escher and his hacker name Weev, was arrested after a search led by the FBI relating to an investigation into the breach of AT&T's website, which exposed 114,000 iPad users' personal data, uncovered illegal drugs at his home.

The breach of AT&T's security had lead to the uncovering of the personal data of many prominent company executives and White House officials.

Auernheimer had previously stated that Goatse Security had publicised the breach to inform the public.

Spokesperson for Goatse Security Kyle Barnthouse has said that Auernheimer was not involved in writing the code used to exploit AT&T's customer database.

Auernheimer is currently being detained in an Arkansas jail on state drug charges and is due to appear in court tomorrow.