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Tory MP's social media arsenal pwned by ghost

Therese Coffey, Tory MP for coastal Suffolk seems to have upset someone. Either that, or she's left her password book lying about as her blog, FaceBook page and Twitter account all appear to have been hacked.

The third possibility is that Coffey, a chemistry PhD, has become disillusioned with life in the House and started bombarding her own accounts with missives dissing her boss's wife, amongst other things.

The miffed MP managed to access her FaceBook wall to say sorry for the incident: "Apologies to everyone," she wrote. "My account has been hacked. Hopefully back under control now. I have the email address of the person who has hacked in, so hopefully I can do something about it."

She's also been Tweeting since but has been unable to delete some of the hacker's comments.

Her blog (opens in new tab) is still down.

A hacker masquerading under the name thegh0st, appears to have been the perp. He added to the Twitter Bio: "pwned by thegh0st 2010".

Somehow we doubt the email address in Coffey's possession will help track him down. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.