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3 UK Last To Unveil iPhone 4 Tariffs

The smallest of UK's mobile phone networks, 3 UK, has apparently confirmed that it will be the last one to publish its tariffs for the Apple iPhone 4 because it wants to undercut the plans offered by the rest of the competition.

Unbeatable claims to have received this tidbit from 3 UK employees who also suggested that 3 UK, which is owned by Hutchinson Whampoa, is in direct talks with Apple to offer the cheapest tariffs in the UK. This follows a similar tactic by 3 UK which introduced its iPad package last, undercutting everyone else on the market with a 10GB monthly package for £15.

Alongside T-Mobile, 3 UK will offer the iPhone for the first time, having missed the first three generations. But despite this, 3 UK could well offer the best package around by combining native tethering and Spotify packages.

We reported back in April that some 3 UK customers were being sneakily offered iPhone smartphones to prevent them from switching to other networks and this has been confirmed by a number of readers.

Currently, parties are being invited by 3 to register their interest on 3 UK's website; interestingly, the most expensive 3 UK tariff currently tops £30 per month which is significantly less than the cheapest iPhone 4 contract on the market.