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About to lose your licence because of speeding?

If you've been racking up the points because of your leaden right foot, and are driving around like a myopic octegenarian in fear of The Flash, there's a simple way to prevent yourself from joining the ranks of the bus-travelling underclasses.

PocketGPS World, which has been getting up the nose of plod and its money making speed machines for years now, has released an iPhone app called Camera Alert which warns you about impending Gatsos and their manifold cousins.

The 59p App is updated by thousands of subscribers and has probably the most accurate database of any 'safety camera' software. The App also usefully displays your average speed if you have forgotten where your speedometer is.

Cleverly, Camera Alert is one of the few Speed Camera applications which can differentiate which direction the cameras are pointing, so doesn't give loads of false positives for traps on the other side of the road.

Some users are moaning because the App costs 59p, and they then have to pay twenty quid for annual updates, but it's a small price to pay for not having to stand at a bus stop twice a day in the rain with a man with a damp patch in the crotch of his trousers who smells of Cupasoup.

Alternatively, you could spend your trial period, in which you get one online update, looking for an as-yet-unidentified yellow box of doom. If you report an unknown camera to PocketGPSWorld you'll be rewarded with a free lifetime membership which can be transferred to up to three separate devices, for your pains.

It's available from iTunes right now.