Amazon lists Microsoft Kinect at $150

Seller of books Amazon is listing XBox 360 motion-sensing doodad Kinect at $149.99, despite Microsoft remaining tight-lipped about the official price.

The Redmond company is insisting that is won't put a final price tag on the controllerless controller until much closer to the camera-based device's November 4th launch date, but it looks like Amazon is having a punt all the same.

Some pundits have suggested that the much-touted peripheral's actual price could be as high as $190 and it's not certain whether Amazon has the inside track, or if it's just a best guess based on a bit of crystal ball gazing and unsubstantiated rumours.

In either case, Amazon is covering all bases by pointing out that prices are subject to change.

Whatever the final cost, Amazon is promising to deliver pre-ordered Kinects on launch day, which would suggest they have some kind of deal with Microsoft in place already.