Apple iPhone 4 Packs 512MB RAM

Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 4, apparently has the same amount of onboard RAM as some P4 computers in our offices, 512MB which shows how fast smartphones are turning into powerful yet tiny PCs.

The first two iPhones had 128MB RAM while the 3GS and the iPad have 256MB memory. This appears to be the strict minimum amount of memory needed to run complex operations like multi-tasking, which is supported by the iPhone OS 4.

According to MacRumors, this explains why at least one application, the power hungry, resource hogging iMovie App, will run on the iPhone 4 only and not on any other mobile Apple devices. And everybody knows that movie editing is one of the most taxing tasks on any computers.

It will only when the iPhone 4 will be officially released that we will know more about the exact chip used by the smartphone. But for now and as rightly pointed by MacRumors, Apple seems to be keen to keep the lids on the hardware specs of the iPhone 4.

Most other smartphones carry between 250MB and 400MB but one can envisage that by this time next year, the first handsets with 1GB RAM will start to appear at the upper end of the spectrum.