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Apple Ordering 1.2 Million iPad Per Month?

The Apple iPad appears to be so popular that Apple is ramping up its production as fast as it can, with initial orders of 700,000 units per month now set to increase to 1.2 million and later this year, depending on demand to 2.5 million.

Digitimes Research analyst Kuo Ming-Chi says that Apple is now shipping 1.2 million units which is roughly four times the amount of iPad panels that were shipped to Apple in the month of February, each of which costs up to $90 or a fifth of the cost of the cheapest iPad.

If Digitimes' figures hold true, Apple could be in for a bumper 2010 with at least $1.25 billion worth of sales on iPad hardware every month around Christmas. Apple was not even in the top 10 of global technological companies by revenue in 2009.

But since 2007, its revenue has increased by nearly 80 percent and the company is on track to surpass $50 billion worth of revenue for the financial year ending 2011. That would put it within spitting distance of Microsoft but still well behind Samsung or HP.

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