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Flickr Lands Deal With Getty Images To Sell User Photos

Users of online photo sharing website Flickr will now be able to put up their photos for sale by professional photo agency Getty Images.

The BBC reports that nearly 40 million users registered with Flickr will be able to make money by utilising the deal signed between Flickr and Getty Images, turning the platform into a potential market for photographers.

Getty Images uploaded an archived library of more than 100,000 pictures taken by professional or semi-professional photographers as a part of an agreement with Flickr last year.

The pictures were used for commercial purposes, and photographers were paid accordingly.

Now the photo-sharing web site has opened a gateway for all of its users to make money from their photos, says Flickr general manager Douglas Alexander.

According to Getty CEO Nick Evans Lombe, Flickr has played a major role in the Getty's success, and has been a great source of inspiration for the company.

Neither company has yet announced details of a pricing model, but experts believe that Getty could pay between £100 and £160 per photograph.