Google Launches Commerce Search 2.0

Google has launched the latest version of iits Commerce Search product, Commerce Search 2.0.

The search giant announced the release on its Google Enterprise blog.

The new Google Commerce Search 2.0 service, launched in the United States and the United Kingdom, has been designed specifically for online retailers, and offers a powerful search solution for commerce and online trade, said Nitin Mangtabi, ( senior product manager at Google.

Google first made its upgraded cloud-based business-centric website search platform available for testing almost six months ago, promising online retailers greater return on investment, and a better web experience for users.

Version 2.0 boasts a comprehensive merchandising dashboard for retailers, including query autocompletion without custom coding, faster and relevant search results and other cloud-based services.

Google Commerce Search 2.0 also comes with a spelling and stemming dictionary, with options for synonyms and allows its users to browse the site as well as searching for products directly.