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Google offers improved Commerce Search

Google said it has updated its Commerce Search tool, allowing online sellers to better customise their retail site search offerings.

Commerce Search was launched last year and allows online retailers use Google's cloud-based engine to enable customers to search for items for sales on a site.

Google said Commerce Search 2.0 adds a 'merchandising dashboard' that gives retailers more control over promotions, ranking rules and filtering. Simplified product ranking rules mean seasonal optimisations can be done on the fly, the firm said.

Retailers can now offer common queries to shoppers in real time, as they type, without any custom coding. Google also says the service is faster and more relevant than before thanks to search quality improvements.

Many shoppers depend on the search bar on retail sites when they’re looking to make a purchase, but some people will always prefer to navigate through different categories and discover new products. Google Commerce Search allows visitors to shop by browsing around your site as well as searching directly for products.

Perhaps more importantly, Google is also dropping the entry-level price of the service to $25,000 a year.

"As more consumers turn to online channels to purchase and research products, it is important for your site to keep up with them using the best technology out there," flanneled Google senior product manager Nitin Mangtani on the bog.