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iPhone 4 delivery date put back again

The Apple Store has pushed back the delivery date of what we can only assume is the third wave of pre-orders of the iPhone 4 to July 14th.

According to Apple, more than 600,000 of the company's latest app phone were reserved on June 16th, the first day of pre-ordering. Those handsets will be delivered on or shortly after June 24th, although Apple has been known to deliver a limited number of handsets a day or two early in the past.

The second wave of iPhones, which were ordered on June 17th or later, will be delivered on or around July 2nd.

Anyone who orders the glass and stainless steel fashion phone from today onwards will have to wait until at least July 14th and, as such, might be better off waiting for the big High Street retailers to get proper stocks in.

Apple has been accused in the past of restricting supply to encourage feverish fanboy buying frenzies, but we reckon the Cupertino company's far east manufacturing partners, slowed by Apple's legendary attention to build quality, just can't make them fast enough to feed demand.