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Microsoft Will Succeed In Tablet Market, Says Analyst

Microsoft has what it takes to cope with changing trends in the technology market, says an industry watcher who expects the company to release competitive products for the tablet market.

David Daoud, an analyst for market research firm IDC, told eWEEK in an interview: "They're going to do what they've always done very well, which is respond with all the resources they have to a competitive threat."

Comparing the current situation with the past browser wars between Netscape and Microsoft, Daoud added: "Microsoft waited a little bit, and then they came out. But now it's a little complicated because they're dealing with Apple, which has a first-mover advantage. But it's not over yet."

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, speaking at the D8 conference earlier this month, suggested the company was designing a customised version of Windows, especially designed to run on tablet devices.

Even so, experts believe that if Microsoft wants to compete, it will need to develop an OS that offers the ability to sync with Micosoft gadgets and services, such as the Xbox, Windows Live and Skydrive, to create "a killer hub for the digital home".