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News@10: PS3 Updates, Microsoft Says 3D Gaming Too Expenive & IBM Supercomputer Watson

Toshiba and Fujitsu have announced plans to merge their mobile phone businesses in an attempt to carve a niche in the emerging Japanese smartphone market.

Sony has announced it will be releasing a new firmware update for its PlayStation 3 games console. The update, v3.40, scheduled for release on 29 June, will add a number of new features, including a cross-game voice chat platform.

Microsoft says it has no plans to pursue 3D gaming because it's just too expensive. Speaking at the E3 conference earlier this week, the company it planned to take gaing in a different direction.

IBM has created the world's greatest pub quizzer: a supercomputer that the company reckons can match the intelligence of the best trivia buffs. The electronic mastermind, Watson, has been entered into popular American TV game show 'Jeopardy!'.

The US Federal Communications Commission has commenced a three-month public consultation process into the future of America's broadband infrastructure.