Nokia Phones To Get Wireless Payment Technology From 2011

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has announced that every smartphone it releases from 2011 onward will come with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, used among other things for making wireless payments.

Speaking at the Mobey Forum in Finland, Anssi Vanjoki, vice president for marketing at Nokia, confirmed the company's position on the emerging NFC technology market, NFC World reported.

Vanjoki said that every smartphone developed by the company would be NFC-enabled using the Single Wire Protocol (SWP), and would also support MicroSD security features.

NFC technology is a short-range data communication system that allows mobile phones to talks to cash registers and other devices in order to purchase goods or receive discount coupons via 'smart' posters.

With Broadcom set to acquire NFC technology company Innovision Research & Development, experts believe many more NFC-related applications will be released for smartphones in the future.