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Social Networking Poses Security Risk To Enterprise

A security expert has warned that social networking sites such as Facebook pose a security threat to companies that allow their use in the office.

Robert Schifreen, a former hacker, said that workers in enterprises that allow them to use social networking sites run the risk of their profiles being hacked by online fraudsters, who could then steal personal and business data from compromised systems.

Schifreen said: “It's very easy to guess somebody's password after finding information about them by looking online, on these sorts of networking sites, and that's one of the things that fraudsters do.”

The security expert explained that identity thieves and hackers can access the profiles of enterprise workers on social networking platforms and view all private information, including birth dates, mother's maiden name and other information used as answers to security questions.

The warning comes after a report by card protection company CPP revealed that Britons received more than 420,000 fraud e-mails every hour.