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Vodafone Brings Out iPhone 4 Pricing

Vodafone has become the third mobile phone operator to release its iPhone 4 tariff and the least we can see is that the trend to offer the new iPhone for free on £60 or more package could come back to haunt mobile networks.

As for the rest of the competition, the operator offers both 24 month and an 18-month plans with the iPhone 4 available for a fee on all but the most expensive £60/£65 monthly packages.

These gives you 3000 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB of Mobile internet and webmail, 1GB Wi-Fi with OpenZone and the option to get 500MB tethering for an additional £5.

The cheapest package over 18 months carries a TCO of £759 which is a tenner extra compared to the pricelist unveiled yesterday by O2.

Like the rest of the competition, Vodafone has already said that it will be offering a business package for the iPhone 4, one that offers the phone for free on a cheaper 2000 minutes package but only comes with 250 texts.

The network operator has confirmed that it will be selling PAYG iPhone 4 devices but has yet to say when and how much they will cost. T-Mobile, Tesco Mobile and 3 UK have yet to publish their iPhone 4 listing.