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£30 Orange HomePlug dLAN Starter Kit

Plug the Orange HomePlug dLAN Starter Kit to your home network for internet access extension over your existing household power circuit.

There are no drivers to install, simply connect the high speed adapter to an ASDL/ cable/ modem/ router (Ethernet) and plug it into a power socket for a network extension into any room or any floor.

The HomePlug high-speed Starter Kit offers data transfers of up to 85 Mbps over your existing household power circuit. The power adapter will extend your existing broadband connection around the house, in addition to this it ensures your PC's can exchange large files over the electricity mains without long delays, and transfer videos in DVD quality.

Used in combination with IP-TV (Internet protocol-TV) video on demand can be an impressive experience anywhere in the home, wherever there's a power socket! Highly secure and equipped with automatic DESpro encryption the HomePlug adapters are fully backwards compatible with HomePlug products already supporting 14Mbps transfer rates.

Obstacles like thick walls and multifloors are no problem for the adapters, HomePlug technology uses your existing household power supply mains as a communication means for data and media. Easily expand your network connectivity options without drilling or making a mess!

You can buy them from for only £30 a pair.