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BPI demands Google removes links to songs

Copyright cops at the BPI have sent complaint to Google, asking the search monster to remove links it says point to copyrighted material owned by its members.

Web site Chilling Effects has posted a copy of the missive sent to Google's Mountain View headquarters and dated June 11th.

The BPI lays out its credentials, just in case Google hasn't heard of it, and says it is "mandated to act on behalf of the members of Phonographic Performance Limited (”PPL”) and in this respect, to protect the rights that are owned or controlled by members of PPL, as well those that are owned or controlled by BPI"

Part of its work, it says "involves monitoring the Internet and taking action against persons that use, facilitate, enable and/or authorise the use of material in a manner that infringes the rights of the members of BPI and PPL.

"We have identified the following links that are available via Google's search engine, and request the following links be removed as soon aspossible as they directly link to sound recordings owned by our members."

There then follows a long list of links to songs that appear on Google's search pages and which the BPI demands are removed from Google's search results

The list kicks off noting a "Sound recording "Dirtee Disco" by Dizzee Rascal. The owner of this copyright work is Dirtee Stank, a PPL member." The BPI complains that this sound recording is found at the following link and says it thinks Google should remove it

The missive contains around fifty such links that it says Google should down. The search giant is yet to respond.