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Facebook Promises Greater Control Over Privacy

Social networking giant Facebook has assured privacy groups it will update its user privacy policies to better protect the privacy of its 500 million users.

The company announced that it is working on a new data permission model.

The system will be provided to developers of third-party Facebook applications, so that they can incorporate it into their products.

The model is set to give users more control over the information shared by third-party applications.

Currently, Facebook users have the option of opting in or out of sharing profile information with third-party applications, but privacy groups and users have called for greater control over exactly how their information is shared.

Facebook maintains that the 'instant personalisation' feature it launched in April, which prompted severe criticism from users, was "misunderstood", and that it only allowsed program partners to access information that was already publicly available.

In a statement released by Facebook in response to a letter from privacy groups, the company said: “It has been our experience that people have a more meaningful experience when they share some information about themselves.”