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Find My iPhone App Tracks Down Lost Devices

Consumer electronics giant Apple has released the Find My iPhone application for its iPhone and iPad devices.

The company has also updated its cloud-based MobileMe web applications.

Mac World (opens in new tab) reports that the company has updated the e-mail service provided by MobileMe, making it faster and more reliable.

The online application received significant design and functionality changes, including a three-column view with folders, a top-to-bottom message list and a reading pane.

The update allows users to set e-mail filters online using MobileMe, as well as adding options such as one-click archiving and rich text formatting. Users of the new MobileMe Mail will also be able to send e-mails from external e-mail addresses.

The Find My iPhone application for iPad and iPhone will allow users to locate their lost iPhone or iPad device by logging in to their Find My iPhone account from another device.

Users will also be able to remotely set a password lock on the device, display a message for the person who found it, and remotely wipe the memory of the device if it contains sensitive data.