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Icera Prompts Anti-Trust Probe Into Qualcomm

UK-based semi-conductor manufacturer Qualcomm looks set to face an antitrust probe.

European Competition Commissioners are following up on a complaint lodged a rival of Qualcomm, Icera, which has accused the chip maker off anti-competitive behaviour.

Qualcomm has been recently investigated by regulators over a number of ongoing patent disputes between the company and technology giants Nokia and Broadcom.

Qualcomm is the UK's leading manufacturer of semiconductors for mobile devices. The company has a vast patent portfolio, built up over many years, and it is believed that the complaint by UK rival Icera related the linking of patent licences and chip sales.

Qualcomm said in a statement that the EC's investigation of Icera's complaint was at "a very preliminary stage".

The statement continued: "We do note, however, the similarity between Icera's allegations and those in complaints made previously to the EU, which apparently failed to persuade the Commission and were ultimately withdrawn. We believe the new allegations to be equally meritless."

The company said it would co-operate fully with the Commission. Both the European Commission and Icera have refused to comment on the matter.